Private trip Two-Day Tour in South Jordan Aquaba Wadi Ram and Petra

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Two-Day Tour

Two magical days  Hotel Accommodation  Private trip in South Jordan including jeep tour in Wadi Ram ,We will visit the large desert of Aquaba, the ranges of Wadi Ram and the golden and red sand dunes, Rass El Nakb, Wadi Musa, the Nabatian city of Petra, stroll through the market and shops of Wadi Musa, and stay the night in a hotel.The trip combines visits to famous tourist spots and tours out in nature. An additional dimension is the combination between light walking hikes and paths that are passable by 4×4 vehicles only. All these put together bring us across to the best sites that South Jordan can offer!

That’s the trip you want to take!

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Day 1: Aquaba, Wadi Ram, Region of the Sand Stones and Oasison the way

On the first day we will visit the most picturesque area in Jordan. After crossing the border and joining the local driver we will enter Aquaba for a panoramic tour of the city, stopover at the “Big Flag”, lookout to the city of Eilat from “Jordan eyes”, free time at the market, delicious Humus at the “Muhandes” and we’re leaving Aquaba. From the Arava we will climb up the road climbing Wadi Yatam, to the desert heights, with looking at how the topography is utilized for human needs. At Wadi Ram, after the Movie audiovisual, we will mount on local jeeps, that driving in them, in their prominent age is an experience in itself. We will dedicate the remains of the day to the picturesque Wadi Ram and the fortress of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia. The Wadi Ram nature reserve is surrounded by sand stone ridges that rise to altitudes ranging from 600 to 700 meters. We will start the jeep tour at Lawrence spring and the Tmoden stone paintings, continue on to Sik at G’abel Hez’ali. After a brief walk we will enter the amazing Sik which rises to an altitude of 800 meters. We will reach all the way to its end. Along the sik we will get to know the Nabatian stone paintings and if we get lucky we will encounter some water in the water cisterns in the stone. We will continue on to the Arches Site located north of the G’abel and return in parallel to the G’abel Um Ashrin to the visitor’s center. after the jeep tour we will return to the minibus and via the desert highway we will climb Raas el Nakb, follow the old kings way leading to Rajjef, to a panoramic lookout toward the Israeli Arava. We will continue through authentic villages on our way to Wadi Mussa to visit Mussa spring and little petra the place that the Camel caravans stopped for the night.

We will stay for the night, including dinner, at a good class tourist hotel in Petra with included facilities of Turkish Hamam(Bath), Spa and pool.

Day 2: Petra Sites

After breakfast we will descend to the Nabatian capital of Petra. We will enter the city through the sik, which is the narrow passage leading to the city site itself, and visit “Hazana” the Treasure, which has turned into the symbol of Petra and probably of Jordan itself. We will continue on to the theatre and to the royal tombs, and from there on through the Roman Cardo, to the temple of Pharaoh’s daughter. If you’re interested in learning the site to a deeper level you can continue on and climb the altar mount and G’abl Adir ) The monastery (or optionally, stroll around the Wadi Mussah market. Towards the afternoon we will mount the vehicle and drive along the kings way that Abraham followed. We will make a lookout to the grave of Aaron the Cohen, then return to the desert highway, head south through Wadi Yatam heading to Aquaba, the only Jordanian access to the sea. If time permits, we will enjoy some Humus or sweet Knaffe’e in Aquaba and then return to Israel? as the Hebrew phrase goes ? Tired but nevertheless content!

The day plans can be swapped in coordination with all the members of the group


380 USD for an adult in a double room a minimum of 2 group members

340 USD for a member in a group of 4-9 members

Larger groups individual pricing

Extra 40 USD for single member in a room

40 USD discount Who gives up The jeep tours in Wadi Ram (And begins the trip afternoon)

70 USD discount for a child as third person in parents’ room

60 USD additional charge per member for 5 star accommodations Teybat/Beit Zaman

Payment terms: 25% upon order the balance in payments until 2 days prior the trip

Payment mode: Cash USD or NIS by USD selling exchange rate of bills at Discount Bank at day of payment

During the trip we will drive in an air-conditioned tourist minibus with a Jordanian English-speaking driver that provides explanations regarding the sites and spots along the way. With over six trip members we will have an English-speaking tourist guide and a security policeman joining the trip.

You do not need to own your jeep in order to join the trip!

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Price includes:

Accommodation in good tourist class hotel
Dinner and breakfast at hotel
Luxurious A/C tourist minibus throughout the trip
Jordanian English-speaking driver
With over six group members – an English-speaking tourist guide and a security policeman from the Jordanian tourism police
Entrance fee to Wadi Ram and Petra including short horse ride (the ride is optional)
Tourist guide for the visit to Petra
Jeep tour at Wadi Ram

The price does not include:

Israel border tax  appx. 100 NIS
Jordanian border tax  10 Dinar (probability of not being charged)
Lunches, hot and cold beverages at restaurants and hotels
Any health or baggage insurance (it is absolutely required that you purchase and arrange for yourself)
Tips to the Jordanians services providers
All that does not appear in ” Price includes”
Point and time of meeting: Arava border crossing next to Eilat at 08:00 Or later by prior arrangement
The price is subject to price changes in Jordan on day of payment

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רגיללא חזירכשרצמחוני
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